Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Feb - cover + editorial for CJ Magazine

 Dane from Cavalier in Vancouver was great to photograph, he has created such an inspiring environment for his jewels and gemstones downtown vancouver, the Canadian Jeweller Magazine cover that we shot should be out later this month! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb 11 - portrait study vancouver

kristel, contemporary artist from estonia
behind the scenes with photographer + muse 

Feb 4 - portrait study vancouver

braden jones - cafe racer from mainstreet

Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 25 - Vancouver -

english bay vancouver in january, the ocean is lovely anytime of year

Jan. 20 - Green City Acres in the Studio

Behind the scenes photos of Curtis Stone - Urban Farmer - filming his Profitable Urban Farming course at VPW studios with Richard Amies. http://profitableurbanfarming.com  

Jan. 15 - Corporate Advertising

Corporate Advertising for Owen Bird Law 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

January 10 - 2015 - Studio Open House Event

Lectures with KATIE
3:15pm - CONTEMPORARY PORTRAITURE -lecture in the studio 
4:30pm - STYLE DEVELOPMENT - lecture in the gallery
#14 west 7th ave, Vancouver Photo Workshops Studio & Photohaus Gallery
I am giving two lectures super interesting talks from my lecture series today at the studio open house 'Contemporary Portraiture' and 'Style Development' please come check it out!

*click the link for more info* 

January 2 - 2015 .LOVE.

LOVE.  I'm so happy for my friends Maryann and Matt  *the fashion designer and the rockstar they are two incredibly successful creative beings* who got engaged over christmas.  Romance is definitely the theme for the start of this year!

Dec 23 - NewYork

George Washington Park with my best friend Denise Pillott, actress / model, mother and wife.
denise & elijah in harlem

Dec 20 - lost in translation

self portrait taken on the rooftop of the calgary airport parkade, one of my favourite locations in Canada

lost in translation was my theme for this years holiday season I decided to travel to visit my sister, mother, grandmother, best friend and boyfriend which took me from Vancouver to Kelowna - Toronto - NewYork and back!  I love being in airports travelling from city to city with a very little luggage, the feeling of freedom recharges my energy after such a busy shooting season.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dec 18 - Social Circles Art Exhibition

Mark 2014, 20x30", Archival Inkjet Print, Katie Huisman
Curators Nathalee Paolinelli and Jeff Stuckel invited me to participate in this group exhibition at the Helen Pitt Unit Gallery -  “Social Circles in an exhibition exploring the idea of social relations contingent on the artistic and curatorial practices that produce it.”

Dec 15 - Cdn Jeweller Magazine Cover Shoot

Alex Kwong of Christine Jewellers on the Cover of Canadian Jeweller Magazine, Alex was so sweet to photograph.

Dec 14 - Portrait Study


Dec 9 - Sons of Vancouver Distillery

Sons of Vancouver is a really, really small batch distillery set to open on Vancouver’s North Shore. James Lester and Richard Klaus are the two righteous dudes dedicated to bringing you their craft Vodka, Chili Vodka and No. 82 Amaretto. How they got here is a bit of a story.  See the full editorial on Scout Magazine 
Behind the scenes with amazing photo assistant Clint

Dec 4 - Exhibition - Featuring a New Collection at EspaceD, Gastown

Ho'okipa Surf Series 1-8, 20x30", Archival Inkjet Print

Ho'okipa Surf - Katie Huisman

Respecting and observing the behaviour of the ocean, the meditative process of watching the waves swell and break stimulates an intense yet harmonious reaction from the body.  This same reaction can also be stimulated in the body of the viewer through an artists interpretation of the experience.  

For centuries we have used art and art history to understand landscape, our environment and each other.  In the twenty-first century as imagery has increasingly become more accessible than real experience, we have become accustomed to experiencing a visual representation of life.  I am interested in exploring this intersection of experiencing reality through art.  

Ho'okipa is a surf beach on the north shore of Maui, it's name "ho'okipa" means "hospitality" in Hawaiian.  Hospitality is a relationship between a host and a guest.  The north shore pacific surf is humbling to engage with and demands respect from the surfer.  It is important to spend time watching the waves, observing their energy and flow transcending that information to the body.  

This Pictorialist landscape series studies and romanticizes the behaviour of the surf.
event photos by Miki Aurora
Ho'okipa Surf collection is availble at EspaceD -  332 Water Street Gastown, for more information regarding this work please contact Julie Lee - Julie@julielee.ca