Sunday, September 14, 2014


Unifying individuals throughout Canada and the United States using compassion and a pop-up photo studio.
"What Is Love" will reveal through comparative photography the strength and beauty of vulnerability that can be found within all adults, regardless of age, nationality, income, sexual orientation or gender. 
ANGELA FAMA is an artist I've admired for many years.  I am fascinated by her comparative portrait studies exploring genuine human connection.  I had the opportunity to be a part of Angela's 2013 portrait study 'How Are You' which was exhibited at the Museum of Vancouver last year as part of Capture Photography festival.  Angela's work asks simple questions and reveals true emotion, connecting strangers and building community.
'How Are You' by Angela Fama 2013

Friday, September 12, 2014

*New* Studio Photography Workshop 'Understanding Body Language' with Katie Huisman starting Sept. 16th!

Understanding Body Language and Directing the Subject
8 Week Studio Photography Workshop
Tuesday Sept 16th 7:00pm, #14 West 7th Ave
Body language is a universal form of non-verbal communication and a fascinating subject to study.  Current trends in lifestyle & editorial photography depict clear emotions that are genuine, simple & contemporary.  Contrived or traditionally posed (portrait studio) images are not what most clients are looking for in today’s fast paced growing society.
This workshop explores body language in relation to photographing people and how to direct the subject into candid emotive poses.   Lighting techniques will also be learned with natural & studio lighting.
Email to register:
Questions?  Email me!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sept 5th - Goodbye Berlin

Shannyn & Ola at Cafe Rix, Berlin

Sept. 4th - travelling artists crossing paths in Berlin

 It was amazing to share Berlin with this inspiring group of friends travelling in different directions.  Our paths overlapped for a few days, Shannyn Higgins, Photographer travelling and shooting jobs all over Europe before landing in Australia, Ola Volo, Illustrator, painting a mural in Serbia, travelling Europe before heading back to Vancouver and Kentaro Yamada, Conceptual Artist living in London just finished up an artist residency in Portugal hangs out in Berlin before heading back to the UK.

Sept 2nd, from Prague to Berlin by train

hours feel like minutes as the world passes by

August 31st, Prague

Prague in the rain is so poetic.

August 24-30th exploring Berlin with Kentaro Yamada

Photos of myself by Kentaro Yamada

August 22, first stop in Europe - Neukölln Berlin

Neukölln, Berlin

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

August - Road Tripping with my Siblings

The Oregon Coast with my brother
 the Kootenays with my sister

August - Editorial Work in Vancouver

  August 11th - CDN Jeweller Magazine Editorial + Cover for September

August 8th - Aviation Team Editorial for BC Business Magazine

August 6th - Appellate Advisory Legal Team Advertisement

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July 30th - Ranch Life in the Porcupine hills - Alberta

A view of the horses from my sister's back deck
visiting the horses in the late afternoon

wading through grassy fields exploring the countryside

July 22nd - TORONTO - 

Self Portrat at Art Gallery of Ontario - Installation by David Altmejd

Catching up with my old friend and photographer Constant Scott on a summer evening at Trinity Bellwoods Park
Portrait of me, Katie Huisman by Constant Scott VanRumbeke

July 19th - New York




July 1st - New York Headshots

Denise Pillott - Actor / Model 

Ezekiel Dixon-Ramon  - Professor / Author 

June 28th - New York PS1 Dance Party

Warm-Up at MOMA PS1 New York