Saturday, September 7, 2013


I'm offering a series of my lectures today,  they are open to the public!  $35 per person

#14 west 7th ave,  Vancouver Photo Workshops 

History of Nude in Photography
From 19th century photography to present day, Katie explores nudity and its role within advertising, media, and contemporary art. What changed when it became illegal and how has nudity created controversy throughout history.

Understanding Body Language & Directing Your Subject:
Body Language is a universal form of non-verbal communication and a fascinating subject to study as it pertains to all of us. Current trends in lifestyle and editorial photography depict clear emotions that are genuine, simple, & contemporary. Contrived or traditionally posed (portrait studio) images are not what most clients are looking for in today's dynamic visual world. This seminar studies and considers body language in relation to photographing people. Techniques in how to direct the subject will be demonstrated with a local model.

Composition and The Visual Language of Imagery:
Style development recognizes the importance of visual language in the 21st century. Sit with acclaimed local Photographer Katie Huisman to discuss the intricacies of compositional language, how the human eye reads imagery and trends in the contemporary visual world. Strengthen and/or discover your visual style as a photographer.

Guglielmo Plüschow 1890