Monday, February 24, 2014

Montecristo Magazine Feature!

Angela Fama, contributing editor for Montecriso magazine recently 
wrote / photographed me for her column.   Angela arrived at Initial 
gallery where I was setting up my exhibition, Physical Attraction.   
She photographed me with a Hasselblad, light meter and 2 rolls of 
medium format film (24 frames in total),  I saw her contact sheets 
after the shoot and every frame is perfection.  She is a talented artist 
who inspires me greatly.  The story & photos are below, enjoy! 

Katie Huisman

Let's get physical.

Katie Huisman inspires me. She’s a multi-talented Vancouver photographer, residing somewhere between a wandering, sun-loving, juicing surfer and a linguistic, human-nature aficionado. Last we spoke, we chatted about how her work is often labeled as being either artistic or scientific, never some of each. I believe we settled on fundamentally artistic, but you will have a chance to ask her yourself at her artist talk this Saturday, February, 22, from 2:00–3:00 p.m. Katie will discuss her photographic exhibit Physical Attraction, currently on display atInitial Gallery until March 8, 2014.
She photographed 50 couples of varying age, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. The lengths of their relationships range from two months to 61 years. From these studies, she created composite photographs to compare facial anatomy, paying tribute to practices such as physiognomy and cephalometric analysis. Katie has applied these landmarks of facial analysis, merging the couples’ images to begin her investigation into the unreasoned aspects of human attraction.
I feel lucky. I have been to see the show, and I got to be a part of it. I had the experience of my partner and I being one of her studied pairs (bonus points if you can find me on the gallery walls). I am looking forward to learning more about human attraction at the gallery on Saturday.