Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dec 4 - Exhibition - Featuring a New Collection at EspaceD, Gastown

Ho'okipa Surf Series 1-8, 20x30", Archival Inkjet Print

Ho'okipa Surf - Katie Huisman

Respecting and observing the behaviour of the ocean, the meditative process of watching the waves swell and break stimulates an intense yet harmonious reaction from the body.  This same reaction can also be stimulated in the body of the viewer through an artists interpretation of the experience.  

For centuries we have used art and art history to understand landscape, our environment and each other.  In the twenty-first century as imagery has increasingly become more accessible than real experience, we have become accustomed to experiencing a visual representation of life.  I am interested in exploring this intersection of experiencing reality through art.  

Ho'okipa is a surf beach on the north shore of Maui, it's name "ho'okipa" means "hospitality" in Hawaiian.  Hospitality is a relationship between a host and a guest.  The north shore pacific surf is humbling to engage with and demands respect from the surfer.  It is important to spend time watching the waves, observing their energy and flow transcending that information to the body.  

This Pictorialist landscape series studies and romanticizes the behaviour of the surf.
event photos by Miki Aurora
Ho'okipa Surf collection is availble at EspaceD -  332 Water Street Gastown, for more information regarding this work please contact Julie Lee -