Thursday, April 16, 2015

the portrait project - exhibition

opening this friday night at the remington gallery!  
This project is intended to inform an intentional movement toward contemporary comparative portraiture by facilitating dialogue that challenges our understanding of and relationship to the photographic portrait. From historic to contemporary portraiture, there are two types of photographers. One will convey the essence or energy that they believe to be the subject and the other is the photographer who imposes a conceptual representation of their own idea on the subject. The former is a romanticized representation of the subject while the latter suggests post modern ideology. The Portrait Project is a collaborative, process oriented exhibition featuring photographers Madhava Musterer, Katie Huisman, Alex Waber, Lynol Lui and Lindsay Elliott.

exhibition opening  

April 17th . 7-11pm 

artist talk

april 25 . 2-3pm 

remington gallery 

108 east hastings street
vancouver bc